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Is Toronto Pace Project only for experienced runners?

Nope, our training programs are designed for everyone no matter your aspirations or fitness level. Our training programs are designed based upon the athletes running goals and current shape they are in.

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Do you offer free consultations or fitness assessments?

Yes, Toronto Pace Project has free consultations that can be booked through our website. Please describe in your booking what you are looking for from this program (goals, etc.)

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What is the communication like with the coach?

All athletes registered in a training program will have unlimited email contact with their coach. Athletes registered in the Personal Best & Race Rabbit training programs will have unlimited phone and text contact with their coach.

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Will there be group training sessions or a run club?

Toronto Pace Project is a new personal training program that launched in 2019. As we grow together we hope to launch organized Long Runs and Speed workouts for our athletes. Stay tuned!

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How do we pay or register for a training program?

You can register online for any of our three training programs under the 'Programs' tab at the top of the page. There you can register and pay via CC or paypal. After payment you should receive a confirmation email with your receipt and a welcome message from Coach Mar.

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Is Toronto Pace Project on social media?

Yes we are, you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and join our open club on Strava. Our social media links are at top and bottom of this page.

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