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3 Running Tips to Handle the Summer Heat!

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate - before, during and after.

Warmer temperatures mean upping your fluid intake before you start your outdoor exercise. Before your run, try to drink at least 250-300mL of water or sports drink for every 45 minutes of exercise so your perspiration systems are in shape to perform. Consider bringing fluids with you on the run in a water belt or pouch, or map out a run that hops from water fountain to water fountain if you are going out for longer than 40 minutes. If you don’t like to carry fluids, it is helpful to stash bottles along your route for your longer runs. Replenish post-run with an electrolyte-filled sports drink such as Biosteel, Nuun, Gatorade, GU or Stratch.

2. Sport Sunscreen will be your best-friend.

Not only by applying sunscreen you will avoid harmful ultraviolet rays, but a layer of sunscreen will actually keep your skin and body temperatures lower allowing you to perform comfortability. It is also important to apply sunscreen on overcast days as well. I would recommend using SPF 30 or higher.

3. Running before 9AM or after 5PM

Take advantage of running early or late on long summer days. When the mercury is lowest it will help you have your optimal performance during your run. Running in the early morning can boost your mood for the day also!!!

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