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Our Top 5 Summer Running Shoes for 2020

Finally, the warm weather of 2020 has arrived in Canada and the US, and with many gyms and fitness centres being closed due to COVID-19, running has seen a spike in activity. In the past couple of weeks I have had many new runners reach out to me asking about what to look for in a running shoe. Every runner demands different needs from a pair of running shoes depending on frequency, distance, and in general what areas you will need support while pounding your feet against the ground.

Nonetheless, whatever running stage you are at, you will want a running shoe that checks all of the boxes and ones that you can run in pain free from the first kilometre to the last. In this article we will be looking at our top five shoes of 2020 in no specific order while considering a number of factors, such as, price, weight, cushioning, support, durability, and overall fit.

Whether you’re in search of a new summer running shoe during quarantine, or looking for something that can withstand more mileage or a more versatile trainer for all types of runs and workouts, we’ve got you covered. Below, we have outlined the newest and best all-around running shoes of 2020. ENJOY

ASICS NOVABLAST - This shoe is a curveball pitch on the inside corner on a 2-2 count. If you take the cushioning of Gel-Nimbus and combine it with the weight of the Dynaflyte now you have the NOVABLAST. They have truly knocked this new shoe out of the park. The term "BLAST" best describes the shoe as you get a soft and springy feeling every stride you take on your run. Asics NOVABLAST contains a large amount of FLYTEFOAM Blast, making it the Asics shoe with the highest energy return. That means it’s the shoe that gives back the most energy to the runner in every step. I would recommend this shoe for you are a trained and experienced runner looking for more cushioning for long runs without sacrificing too much weight. This shoe fits true to most Asics sizes, meaning, a tad narrow in the heel and mid-foot but with more space in the forefoot.

Shoe Type: Neutral

Use: All-around high cushioned trainer

Article number: 012A584-001

Offset (drop): 10 mm

Forefoot height: 21 mm

Heel height: 31 mm

Weight: approx. 7.8oz

Price: $130.00 USD

NIKE ZOOM PEGASUS 36 - This shoe is a staple and one that generally fits most neutral runners and is on its 36th edition of the shoe. One of the problems with protecting a legacy is finding ways to innovate on a successful model (Peg 35). Such is the case here with the fabled Pegasus, the 36 boasts a lightweight design and feel in comparison to the 35. Once the world’s best mass-appeal running shoe, this still performs well enough but has lost much of its air of confidence and plays it safe. This shoe very similar to version 35, although the tongue has been shortened to reduce irritation, a small amount of weight has been dropped from the upper. We find this shoe still great for runs of tempo pace or slower, and the mesh, being highly breathable, allows water in easily. For the price of the Nike Pegasus 36, this shoe s a reliable option and well worth considering if you’re someone who incorporates running into a wider fitness regime, or a casual runner wanting a shoe for 5-15km runs.

Shoe Type: Neutral

Use: Road, Treadmill, Trail

Article number: AQ2203001

Offset (drop): 10 mm

Forefoot height: 18 mm

Heel height: 28 mm

Weight: approx. 10oz

Price: $110.00 USD

Saucony Triumph 17 - This shoe is the transformed successor of the Saucony Triumph ISO 5. Of course you are used to a different number of the running shoes, only Saucony has chosen to give the neutral running shoe a completely new look. In addition to the design being completely renewed, the technologies have also received a major update. The EVERUN midsole has been replaced for the PWRRUN + midsole. In addition to seeing this change directly in the design, you also notice the difference immediately if you already walk on the Saucony Triumph ISO 5. The new midsole gives more energy back (5%) and is 25% lighter. You walk with sufficient cushioning, without sacrificing the responsiveness of a higher cushioned shoe. Another change being that the Triumph ISO 5 running shoes were equipped with ISO-fit technology. However, many runners experienced friction while walking and the Triumph ISO 5 did not fit as expected. That is why FORM-FIT technology has been introduced for the new Saucony Triumph 17. The upper is now more flexible, moves better wit